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27th - 29th of September 2024
Musical Theatre “Konstantin Kisimov”,
Veliko Tarnovo - BULGARIA

Arrival - 26th of September 2024
Contest - 27th and 28th of September 2024
Gala of Laureates - 29th of September 2024
Departure - 30th of September 2024

 LIVE ! LIVE! YouTube channel – SILVER YANTRA - LIVE ! LIVE !

The contest is in 2 categories:

  1. INDIVIDUAL SINGERS from age of 5 till the age of 25 years old, distributed in 4 age groups:

First group – from 5 till 8 years old
Second group – from 9 till 12 years old
Third group   – from 13 till 16 years old
Fourth group – from 17 till 25 years old

         (* Age is determened to 31.12.2024)

  1. FAMILY GROUP with two subgroups depending on the age of children (the older child). A total of 20 families are allowed in a category. (brothers, sisters, parents, grandparents)

- F-A - with children from 3 till 12 years old
- F-B
- with children from 13 till 25 years old

Obligatory repertory:

  • for INDIVIDUAL singers2 songs up to 4 minutes each (recommended fast and slow)

On the first round – it is obligatory for the Bulgarian participants to sing a Bulgarian song (by BG authors) and for the foreign participants – to sing a song in their native language and authors.

On the second round – a song by choice. (recommended international repertory)

  • For FAMILY GROUP1 song of choice up to 4 minutes.

The performance is live and musical accompaniment is provided by the participants.

The contest is held in 2 parts:


  • DEADLINE for the Applications: Up to 25th of August 2024

Participants send:

1. Application form (by template + DECLARATION SIGNED! )
2. Actual artistic photo (good enough for print)
3. A copy of passport/ID card

4. Link /record/video of 1 current singing performance on e-mail: silver_yantra2024@abv.bg

SELECTION ends on 30th of August 2024

Organizers inform the selected participants up to 3rd of September 2024 by e-mail.

Singers invited by Nomination participate with NO ENTRY fee or with %-DISCOUNT specified in the Invitation. (Please send a photo of Nomination with the Application form) Invited singers CONFIRM their participation up to 25th of August 2024.

PRELIMINARY SELECTION is free. Particpants are selected by commission that listens to the sent links and records and allows 20-22 singers in each age group and a maximum of 20 singing families to the final of the contest.

Selected participants send INSTRUMENTALS after the selection until 07th of September 2024 on e-mail: silver_yantra2024@abv.bg

SECOND PART: FINAL of the contest - 27th - 29th of September 2024, LIVE in Veliko Tarnovo

  • First, second round and Gala of laureates;

  • Admitted participants for second part sing on first and second round.


  • The entry fee for 1 participant 80 Euro for foreign singers

  • The entry fee for Family Group 50 Euro for foreign families

If in the "singing family" there is a participant in the 1st category "Individual singers" - the fee for "Family group" is 40 euros.

  • Information about the PRICE PACKAGE of accommodation, food, master class, Friend meeting “Viva la Musica”, culture program, excursion in Veliko Tarnovo and Arbanassi - on e-mail: silver_yantra2024@abv.bg

  • Insurance and travel expenses to Veliko Tarnovo are on the participants’ account.

  • Up to 07th of September 2024 all the admitted singers present a document of paid fee for participation, as well as the instrumentals of contest songs, with which they CONFIRM their participation in the final. If there is NO CONFIRMATION, the singer loses the right of participation.


IBAN: BG89 UNCR 7000 1520 9007 53
Recipient: “SILVER YANTRA-2003” Assoc. Veliko Tarnovo

Reason: participant - name, age, country
, SY 24

NB! Bank charges are borne by the sending party. NB !


  • Grand Prix “SILVER YANTRA – an author‘s statuette and a money award –

1 000 euro, provided by “SILVER YANTRA-2003“ – Veliko Tarnovo

  • Special VIP-Awards, with an equivalent of over 1st place, after Grand Prix - Award of Governor of Veliko Tarnovo, Award of Mayor of Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, Award of Chairman of Veliko Tarnovo Municipal Council

  • For each AGE group 7 individual awards:
    for Best complex presentation - TROPHY - with an equivalent of over 1st place / only one award
    - for Best presentation of Bulgarian song - with an equivalent of 1st place / only one award
    - for Best presentation of a Song in Native language - with an equivalent of 1st place / only one award
    - for Best presentation of a Foreign song - with an equivalent of 1st place / only one award
    - 2 Encouragements
    - or a Stage presence (awarded by Children jury)

  • For FAMILY Group:

  • Trophy for Best complex presentation for all Family Group;

  • F-A – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place + award for a Stage presence;

  • F-B – 1st, 2nd and 3rd place + award for a Stage presence;

  • Awards of Directors of International Music Contests – partners;

  • Individual awards from firm-partners;


  • Professional INTERNATIONAL JURY of 5-9 members, incluiding famous and proven composers, pop singers, producers, journalists, choreographers, etc.

Jury decisions are final and are not contested.

  • Children’s JURY, incluiding young talents of Children Pop Studio „Rumina“, which has the task to chose the award for a stage presence in each age group.


BULGARIA, 5000 VELIKO TARNOVO, 15 Baba Mota Str., Rumiana NACHEVA,

+359 888 878753, ĺ-mail: silver_yantra2024@abv.bg ; http://silveryantra.org/

Facebook 1: Rumiana Nacheva ; Facebook 2: https://www.facebook.com/silver.yantra


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