*** History ***

“Silver Yantra” is the first contest for young singers of popular song, which is organized in Veliko Tarnovo. The town has been a long time host of the TV competition of the Bulgarian National Television “Melody of the year”.

Aim of the contest:

Confirmation in the young people a good taste of good national and world music.

Organizers of the contest are Veliko Tarnovo Municipality, "Silver Yantra-2003" Association and Children Pop Studio “Rumina”

Patron of the third, fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, ninth and tenth edition of the contest is the Minister of Defense of Republic of Bulgaria. 

Patron of the 11th, 12th, 13th and 14th editions - Veliko Tarnovo Mayor Mr. Daniel Panov

Director and producer of the contest - Mrs. Rumiana Nacheva

Art secretary of the contest - Mr. Hristo Paskalev - PASCAL

Chairman of the International jury - Mr. VASIL NAIDENOV, Mrs. SYLVIA KATSAROVA, Mrs. SREBRA MIHALEVA and Mrs. ALICE BOVARYAN

The contest is sponsored by lots of companies from Veliko Tarnovo and the region.

The media partners are central, regional and local medias.

Grand Prix "Silver Yantra"

author: Chavdar Velchev


Song of the contest "Yantra"

music: Moris Aladjem

lyrics: Dimitar Cenov

singing : Vanesa Ilieva


Music signal "Silver Yantra"

author: Emil Kosturkov


Logo "Silver Yantra"

author: Trifon Kalfov



2003 - First edition - Grand Prix - Plamena Petrova (Bulgaria)

2004 - Second edition - Grand Prix - Irina Kostina (Moldova)

2005 - Third edition - Grand Prix - Plamen Patov (Bulgaria)

2006 - Fourth edition - Grand Prix - Stela Botez (Moldova)

2007 - Fifth edition - Grand Prix - Vanesa Ilieva (Bulgaria)

2008 - Sixth edition - Grand Prix - Irina Vasilkova (Moldova)

2009 - Seventh edition - Grand Prix - Olga Gorcinschi (Moldova)

2010 - Eighth edition - Grand Prix - Ana Maria Yanakieva (Bulgaria)

2011 - Ninth edition - Grand Prix - Floria Tsankova (Bulgaria)

2012 - Tenth edition - Grand Prix - Elhaida Dani (Albania)

2013 - Eleventh edition - Grand Prix - Claudia Ciccateri (Italy)

2014 - Twelfth edition - Grand Prix - Eva Boto (Slovenia)

2015 - Thirtheenth edition - Grand Prix - Nicoletta Scarpinella (Italy)

2016 - Fourteenth edition - Grand Prix - Radko Petkov (Bulgaria)

2017 - Fifteenth edition - Grand Prix - Rossella Zitiello (Italy)

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